Frequently Asked Questions


What types of consignment options do you offer?

60%/40% split – Use this option if you would like to receive a check in the mail after your items sell. (YOU get 60%, we get 40%)

70%/30% split – Use this option if you would like to receive store credit only. (YOU get 70%, we get 30%)

Dealer/Rep/Professional Athlete Consignment – Please call us to discuss sales and consignment options for your new samples and lightly used demo gear. We sell samples for some of the biggest names in the mountain sport industry…call us at 970-845-7388 to find out how we can help you sell your leftover samples and demos.

How do the price breakdowns work?

When you bring in an item to sell, it is subject to our “15/30/45” price breakdown schedule. This means that after an item is on the floor for 15 days, the price will drop 15% off of the original price…after 30 days on the floor, the item will drop 30% off of the original price… after 45 days on the floor, the item will drop to 45% off the original price. The item will sit at 45% off for 30 days…any items unsold after that time period will then be available for pickup.

What if I have a “High Ticket” item to consign?

Any item on consignment that is priced over $800 is considered a high ticket item and it is NOT subject to the normal “15/30/45” price breakdown. To learn more about our high ticket item sales, stop by the shop or simply give us a call at 970-845-7388. We also have a great eBay program for rare and highly collectible items.

When can I pick up my item if it doesn’t sell?

In the unfortunate circumstance that one or more of your items do not sell, you can pick them up 75-90 days after you dropped them off. The “Pickup Date” on your Item List is 75 days after your drop-off date…you have a 15 day window to pick up your items. On day 91, any items not picked up will expire and become property of Transition Sports.

What if I will be out of town when I am supposed to pick up my unsold items?

If you let us know ahead of time, we can make arrangements for custom pickup dates that will be convenient for all parties involved.

Can I pick up my item early if it hasn’t sold?

No, you cannot pick up any item until we have had at least 75 days to try to sell the item.

I dropped off an item about a year ago…can I pick it up now?

Short answer: No, any items not claimed during the 15 day pickup period will become property of Transition sports.

Long Answer: In certain special circumstances (and if you ask very politely) we may allow you to purchase your items back from us after paying a nominal storage fee. Normal charge is $20/month storage fee…may be a higher rate if the item is very large.

Bottom Line: We DO NOT store any items for free.

When will I get paid for my items that have sold?

We mail out consignment checks on every other Friday. If your account has accrued at least $20.00, then you will have a check automatically mailed to your address.

Short answer: A check should be in your mailbox approximately 4 – 19 days after your item sells

Can I pick up my checks at the store?

Yes, but arrangements must be made ahead of time!!

Where are you located?

We are located at 240 Chapel Place in beautiful Avon, CO 81620. See a map HERE.

Can I get cash for my items when I bring them in?

Most of the items that we take are on a consignment basis only. In certain circumstances, we may offer to buy your items outright. This is normally reserved for new items with tags or items in near perfect condition. Remember, when you ask for cash, we are taking the full risk on selling your used item…you will probably make more on the item if you sell it on consignment.

When can I bring in my Summer Gear?

We start accepting summer gear after the last day of our local ski season (end of April). All summer pricing breakdowns will begin on 6/1 at the earliest.

What types of Summer Gear can I bring in to sell?

We are always looking for the following items: All types of Bikes from cruisers to high-end custom race bikes. All types of water sport gear including Kayaks, Paddles, PFDs, Wakeboards, Wake Skates, etc. Camping and Hiking Gear: Backpacks, Stoves, Tents, Hiking Poles, Sleeping Bags, etc. LAX, Baseball, Soccer and Motocross Gear. Golf Clubs, Bags, Shoes, and Balls. Lightly used longboards, in-line skates…basically, anything that is summer sporting-goods related!

When can I bring in my Skis, Snowboards and Winter Gear?

We start accepting winter gear on Oct 1. All winter pricing breakdowns will start on 11/1 at the earliest.

What type of Winter Gear can I bring in to sell?

We are always looking for the following lightly used items: Skis, Snowboards, Bindings, Poles, Ski Boots, Snowboard Boots, Snowshoes, lightly used Mens, Womens, and Kids Outerwear, Hockey Gear, Helmets, Backpacks, Avalanche Safety Gear, lightly used Goggles, anything with a new tag on it. Gear from the last 5 years seems to be the most popular with our customers.

Can I get any money for my 10 year old skis and snowboards?

Short answer: Not really.

Sorry, the fact is that ski and snowboard technology has changed drastically in the last few years and customers are savvy enough to know about these changes …they are shopping for QUALITY used equipment at fair prices. Most customers are looking for items from the reverse-camber era (The past 5 years)…even if you only used it ONE time, a 10 year old snowboard still has 10 year old technology. If you are unsure how old your items are, please feel free to bring them into the shop… we will take a look at any item that you bring in. There are always exceptions to every rule.

Rule of Thumb: If it’s an item that you would consider buying today, we will probably accept it for consignment.

Can I bring in my 30 year old snowboard?

Yes, we are always looking for quality vintage snowboard pieces.

Does consignment really work?

YES! Just ask any of our over 1000 consignors!

I think I sold some items, but I have not seen a check in the mail. How do I get my money?

If you think that you are missing a payment, please call us at 970-845-7388 during normal business hours (10am-7pm MST daily) and we will try our best to take care of your issue immediately. Remember, if you have less than $20.00 in your account, checks are not mailed automatically…you can always request a check for any remaining balance if you are closing your account.

What if I have more questions about consignment that are not listed on this web page?

We strive to make you feel comfortable and confident with our consignment process. Please feel free to call us with any questions that you may have during normal business hours (10am-7pm MST daily) at 970-845-7388.