Cory Hathaway

Age: 24
Years riding: 14
Motto: Stay active and stay happy!
Sponsors: The Stash Boardshop, Kynde Snowboards
Home Town: Avon, CO
Competitions: Bolton Valley, Vermont Night Rider series overall year winner, Malay Day 2009 Best trick winner

Hey Hey name’s Cory Hathaway. I am originally from the great state of Vermont, but livin it up in Colorado since 2007. Spend two years up in Leadville going to school for operating Snow-cats, rode great backcountry and learned a great skill. Moved to Avon 4 years ago to become a Cat operator at the beautiful Beaver. The job is perfect for a die hard rider, beacuse u work all night then ride all day (no sleep for the wicked).

Ridng has been a passion of my since i first saw snow! When i got my first board at 10 i never looked back! Ridning every chance i could on anything i could find. My back yard in vermont was an amazing hill, its were i landed my first back-flip and rodeos. I was one of those kids in an out of the hospital, first year riding i was hurt 80% of the year, but it never held me back.

Snowboarding is not just a sport for me its a life, not style just life! i can do anything on my board and be happy about it. Rails, jumps, and backcountry, name it ill be there with a smile on my face. To be a good rider for me means being able to be in any situation and feeling comfortable to push yourself to be better.

Love, live and be Happy
Cory Hathaway (C-Funk)

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